Bumper Replacement

Bumper Replacement vs Repair

A bumper can be damaged in a number of ways. It can be damaged by hitting an object or getting rear-ended. Damaged bumpers should be replaced or repaired. You can sometimes remove a dent while keeping your existing bumper. In other cases, the bumper needs to be replaced. When should you replace or repair your bumper? Here are a few signs that your bumper should be replaced, not repaired.

Bumper Replacement vs Repair - S&S Paint and Body, Oklahoma
Bumper Replacement vs Repair - S&S Paint and Body, Oklahoma

Excessive Paint Damage

I may be better to replace a bumper rather than repair it if it has numerous scratches or chips. It will need to be sanded down and the deep scratches filled in with compound. It will then need to be repainted to match exactly the color of your car. In many cases, it may be easier & cost less to paint a new bumper rather than try to even out, resurface, and paint a damaged one.

bumper is Cracked

When a bumper on a car is cracked, it is usually more cost-effective to replace it than to repair it. In some cases, epoxy or a fiberglass repair kit can be used for bumper repairs. In most cases, however, it should be replaced. The damage requires extensive repair, and a cracked bumper loses structural integrity, which means you are less protected if you are involved in a car crash.

bumper Tabs Damaged or broken

Lastly, a bumper needs to be replaced rather than repaired if the tabs are damaged or broken. These tabs help the bumpers adhere to the grill, splash guard, and valance panel. A damaged or broken hook can cause the bumper to come off or fall down. Replacing or repairing the tabs is not an option. It's time for a new bumper if you've lost those tabs.

We can determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced and then make it happen, getting your car back to pre-accident condition.

I needed a new front bumper and fender and now my car looks brand new! They gave it back to me all clean on the outside and inside. I will only use them from now on!

Samantha Kephart

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Do You Have Questions?

Do you have questions? - S&S Paint and Body

  Do I have to go where my insurance sends me?

Insurance companies cannot tell you where to take your vehicle for repairs. You can file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner's office if you feel you were forced to go to a specific shop.

  Do I need multiple estimates?

No. You do not need to get multiple estimates. Your insurance company only needs to know where the repairs will be done. They will work with the shop of your choice.

  How difficult is it to match my paint color??

Our team of highly skilled paint professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure colors are matched to the manufacturer's standards. The right process can match even faded colors.

  What is an OEM Part?

OEM refers to the "Original Equipment Manufacturer". OEM parts are new and made by the same manufacturer as your vehicle.

Do you have questions?

We go beyond collision repairs

We go beyond collision repairs - S&S Paint and Body

At S&S Paint and Body we go beyond high quality repair services. We assist you with your insurance claim so that you receive a fair settlement for your vehicle.

We go beyond collision repairs

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