Hail Damage Repair

Quick & Effective Restoration

Our team of experts provides quick and effective hail damage repair of the highest quality. Whenever possible, we use advanced techniques to remove hail damage. This allows us to save you time and money over conventional repairs.

Hail Damage Repair - Initial Assessment - S&S Paint and Body, Oklahoma
Hail Damage Repair - Initial Assessment - S&S Paint and Body, Oklahoma

Initial Assessment

We begin by documenting the damage with photos and videos. You should also do this immediately after a storm. An initial assessment can help determine the type of repair your vehicle will need. If the extent of the damage is not too high, Paintless Dent Repair may be the most suitable option for you. If the damage is extensive, conventional repair may be necessary.

Conventional Vs Paintless Dent Repair

The extent, size, and location of the damage determines if Paintless Dent Repair is a feasible solution. This method is a very effective way to repair minor dents and creases. Chipped or scratched paint requires conventional repairs. The same applies when there are too many dents. Metal can sometimes be stretched so much that entire panels need to be replaced.

Working with Insurance

At S&S Paint and Body, we will guide you through the process, deal with your insurance company, and take the stress out of having your vehicle in the shop. As an experienced body shop, we are able to offer you the best options.

Towing & Rental Car

Once we receive your vehicle, we'll take care of everything! In addition to arranging towing, getting you a rental car, and negotiating your insurance claim, we will get your vehicle fixed fast. We want to make it as convenient for you as possible!

We use Joe's body shop for our dealership and he and his team do excellent work. They get everything to me in a timely manner and he communicates with me on what he's doing. Great shop and great prices, highly recommend Joe and his team.

Jerry rice

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Do You Have Questions?

Do you have questions? - S&S Paint and Body

  Do I have to go where my insurance sends me?

Insurance companies cannot tell you where to take your vehicle for repairs. You can file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner's office if you feel you were forced to go to a specific shop.

  Do I need multiple estimates?

No. You do not need to get multiple estimates. Your insurance company only needs to know where the repairs will be done. They will work with the shop of your choice.

  How difficult is it to match my paint color??

Our team of highly skilled paint professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure colors are matched to the manufacturer's standards. The right process can match even faded colors.

  What is an OEM Part?

OEM refers to the "Original Equipment Manufacturer". OEM parts are new and made by the same manufacturer as your vehicle.

Do you have questions?

We go beyond collision repairs

We go beyond collision repairs - S&S Paint and Body

At S&S Paint and Body we go beyond high quality repair services. We assist you with your insurance claim so that you receive a fair settlement for your vehicle.

We go beyond collision repairs

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